X100 PRO2 Car OBD2 Automatic Key Programmer Diagnostic Tool Odometer Adjustment

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1. X100 Pro2 includes key programming and dashboard recovery functions. The equipment is shock-resistant and durable, and can meet the actual needs of different users such as auto repair plants and workshops.
2. Anti-theft device programming
3. ECU programming
4. Number of programming mechanical keys
5. Vehicle identification code programming
6. Reset anti-theft
7. Added remote control programming
8. OBD2 diagnosis: the system error code of engineer can be read through OBD2
9. EEPROM: suitable for some old models that are not suitable for obd2, can be contacted with eeprom, and can also be used for some chips
10. ECU reset: When your ECU gets any error code and keeps displaying the problem, this x100 pro can reset the ECU
11. Odometer adjustment: can reduce the number of kilometers on the car
12. Display: 320 x 480 DPI TFT color screen
13. Working voltage: 9-18V
14. -10~60 degrees Celsius
15. Storage temperature: -20~70 degrees Celsius
16. Dimensions: 92 x 33 x 200mm