VXDIAG VCX SE Car OBD2 Diagnostic Tool Scanner for BMW ICOM programming

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1. The software can read real-time data streams, test execution, monitoring, test utility, reprogramming, diagnostic trouble codes, etc.
2. The device supports Wifi and USB connection
3. The main diagnostic software includes: (may be updated)
For BMW ISTA-D v40.01.21 (Diagnostics)
For BMW ISTA-P v3.59.4.004 (programming)
Applicable to BMW Group ISPI (the fourth generation For BMW diagnostic software client)
E-SYS (engineering software for F series, can be used for programming, coding, Chinese culture, realize hidden function, advanced function)
WINKFP (for E-series: programming, upgrading and downgrading)
Tool32 (enter keys, import codes, delete certificates, advanced functions for BMW series)
INPA (read vehicle information, diagnose, read and clear fault codes)
BMW coding (for E-series: import data, change code or implement hidden functions)
KSD2 (provides complete vehicle service information for diagnostics or programming)
NCS-Expert tool (for E-series: set codes, implement hidden functions and change settings)
4. Support agreement:
SAE J2534 (Vehicle Diagnostics for ECU Reprogramming)
ISO 22900 (MVCI with D-PDU API)
5. The following functions can be activated based on the existing configuration model:
Close the trunk (power tailgate) with a button in the cab, terminate the reverse maneuver at any time (available in cars with power tailgate)
Activate the Bluetooth phone feature to automatically play music in your phone every time you drive. (Available in models with USB port in armrest box or gear box)
Supports audio and video playback via USB cable and iPod.
Connect to phone via Wi-Fi (requires phone to install software)
Turn on speech recognition (currently only available in English numeric phone dialing)
Operate the navigation menu while driving, watch DVD (even if the CD comes with the original car, you can watch DVD)
Active Internet App (available in post-2012.09 models with Navigation Pro, but not supported for unclear reasons)
Immediately fold the rearview mirror with the remote control (for the original car, the owner needs to press the lock button for 1.5 seconds)
Activate the transmission program on the sports car to accelerate even faster. But this will cause a fault code in the ECU test in the 4S shop.
Effectively prevents rear-end collisions as the brake light flashes rapidly during heavy braking
Use mobile phone data to surf the Internet on iDrive through mobile phone Bluetooth
Adjust warning speed for lane changes (available in high-end cars with mirrors and dead-spot warning lights)
Automatic release of the handbrake (park button) when the vehicle is started (test)
Added Lane Departure System and Roadside Warning Recognition (available in optional cars with front camera)
L7 Surround Pro