Universal 6 Way Fuse Box Block Fuse Holder Box Car Vehicle Circuit Automotive Blade Tool 6 Way Fuse Block, DC 10V-32V

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1. When the red LED lights up, that the fuse has been disconnected, the need to replace the fuse in time to continue to run.
2. Each fuse holder is numbered to make fuse installation and identification as easy as possible.
3. 1 positive power input stud with side mounted spade connections.
4. Can be secured via 4 pre moulded holes.
5. Transparent plastic cover with push latch system, easy to operate, splash and dust-proof design.
6. Made by professional manufacturer, durable construction, quality assurance.

Accepting fuse: Standard blade fuse (ATO / ATC)
Quantity of circuits / fuse slots: 6
Input rated voltage: 10-32V
Input rated current: 100A
Input wire size: # 4-6 AWG
Output the maximum current: each circuit 30A
Output cable standard: # 12-16 AWG