Universal 12V Radio FM Antenna Signal Amp Amplifier Booster for Marine Car Vehicle Boat 330mm FM Amplifier

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1. Enhance the radio signal and reduce the noise.
2. Copper signal wire, strong anti-interference, providing better signal.
3. Antenna booster.
4. Thicken the horse mouth metal shielding cover, all-round protection.
5. Work for both AM and FM radio stations.
6. Antenna amplifier item length: about 330mm.
7. Able to provide high output current, low harmonic distortion and cross, ensure security operation.
8. Easy to assemble, save cost and space.
9. Portable, high accuracy.
10.Gain: 12-13dB
11.Noise factor: more than 2
12.Impedance: 75 ohms
13.Power: DC10~15V