OTG-Y-02 USB 2.0 Male to Micro USB Male + USB Female OTG Charging Data Cable for Android Phones / Tablets with OTG Function, Length: 1.1m (White)

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1. Easy to use, plug and play.
2. Data transmission + charging + OTG multiple functions in one.
3. Micro USB interface supports external devices, such as: mouse, keyboard, U disk, card reader, game controller, etc.
4. Compatible with all Android phones/tablets with OTG.
5. Made of environmentally friendly materials, sturdy and durable.
6. Very convenient to carry.

1. Output current from USB male to Micro USB: 2A.
2. Output current from USB male to USB female: 2A.
3. Output current from Micro USB to USB female: 500mA.
4. Data transfer: 480Mbps.