DUOYI DY5500 Car 4 in 1 Digital Multifunction Resistance Tester Insulation Earth Multimeter

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1. It can measure earth resistance, insulation resistance, AC voltage and phase sequence.
2. It is aimed by the nice and fashionable design,more stronger functions, easier to use and more reliable. The instrument and accessories are all in the toolbox, suita ble for application.
3. It can be used to test the insulation resistance and earth resistance of power system, electrical equipment, lightning arrester equipment, and measure AC voltage and phase sequence test.
4. Phase sequence measurement LED indicators (CW CCW,L1, L2and L3)
5. Insulation resistance measurement high voltage LED indicator
6. Earth resistance measurement LED indicator
7. Data holding button
8.Test button
9. Back-light button
10. Function rotatory selector