CB2 Car RV Yacht Audio Modification Automatic Circuit Breaker Switch, Specification: 40A

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1. Large current overload protection, high and low temperature resistance
2. Switch type fuse holder, high temperature and voltage resistance, strong conductivity, high production process
3. Polycarbon plastic waterproof shell, not fragile, higher safety
4. Insulation material design, anti-shock, safe to use
5. Made of bakelite material, heat-resistant and corrosion-resistant
6. Self-recovery fuse holder, also can be powered off manually
7. The circuit has high sensitivity, which can protect the circuit and electrical appliances in time
8. Function: prevent excessive application flow and protect electrical appliances
9. Rated voltage: 12-48V
10. Rated current: 30A / 40A / 50A / 60A / 80A / 100A / 125A / 150A / 200A / 250A / 300A
11. Rated power: 10W
12. Signal to noise ratio: 10dB
13. Application: cars, RVs, yachts, etc.
14. Installation instructions: It is convenient and safe for the car audio or large-scale car electrical circuit. When the circuit is disconnected, there is no need to take time to disassemble and install the insurance core; it only needs to be turned on or off.
15. Manual power-off: When refitting, you need to disconnect the circuit and directly press the oval red button on the insurance. At this time, the long handle will automatically pop open to cut off the power. Connect as above, and then press the long handle back to its original position.
16. Size: 84x56x43mm
17. Weight: 120g