A6071 200A Car / Yacht Audio Circuit Breaker with Accessory

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1. Made of ABS+metal materials, the product is not easy to corrode and age, and the product has a long service life
2. Function: When the circuit is short-circuited, the power supply can be automatically cut off to protect the equipment
3. Scope of application: suitable for overload protection of car audio/video systems, boats, trucks, buses, RVs, ATV winches, ships and DC sound amplifier systems
4. Carrying current: 200A(max)
5. Wiring mode: Wiring IN incoming wire, OUT out wire
6. Applicable wire gauge: 0GA—4GA
7. Applicable voltage: 12-24V DC
8. Working method:
(1). Circuit break protection: When the current reaches the cut-off value, the long handle automatically bounces off, cutting off the power supply, generally it trips in a short-circuit condition. After the fault is removed, press the long handle back to the original position to form it. path.
(2). Manual power-off: We need to disconnect the circuit when refitting, and directly press the oval red button on the insurance. At this time, the long handle automatically bounces to cut off the power. Connect as above, and then press the long handle back to its original position.