A5618 12-Way Fuse Box Blade Fuse Holder with Terminal + LED Warning Indicator for Auto Car Truck Boat

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1. The product is made of PBT flame-retardant resistant high and low temperature materials to meet the conditions that the fuse holder has good mechanical strength, insulation, heat resistance and flame resistance, and should not be broken, deformed, burned, or short-circuited during use.
2. All bus bars and fuse clips are nickel-plated copper, which has corrosion resistance and excellent conductivity
3. All fasteners are made of stainless steel. The fuse box is input and the output end is fixed with tightening screws, which can be installed more quickly. The fuse box is fixed with self-tapping screws, which makes the installation easier and safer.
4. The product has a red LED indicator design, which corresponds to each electrical appliance connected to the fuse. When the fuse is disconnected, the red light will be on, and you can immediately know which fuse is broken, which is convenient for timely processing
5. The product is given a sticker, which can be affixed to the electrical appliances we connect according to the name on the sticker. When the fuse is broken and the red light is on, we can quickly distinguish which electrical appliance is the problem, saving time and effort
6. The product is distributed with wiring terminals, which is convenient for replacing wiring.
7. Parameters:
Material: PBT body, PC waterproof and dustproof cover, nickel-plated copper connection terminal
Input rated voltage: 32V
Input rated current: 100A
Maximum output current: 30A per circuit
Indicator color: red
Main line terminal: M5
Main wire: #4-6
Single wire terminal: M4
Single wire: #12-16
Indicator function: When the red LED light is on, it indicates that the fuse has been disconnected, and the fuse needs to be replaced in time to continue operation
Product installation range: can be installed on cars, Yueshu, motorhomes, buses, yachts, boats, etc.
Product scope of use: It can be directly connected to the line of any electrical appliances on the car/ship (such as: car roof lights, car headlights, visual width lights, fog lights, warning lights, car refrigerators, car chargers, car fans, car TVs, etc. )