A0529 Multi-functional LED Car Audio Stereo Mini ANL Fuse Box with Wrench

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1. Fits the cars, boats, RV and other for power splitting.
2. Hyaline removable plastic protective shell
3. Sand Nickel plated contact that not easy to fade!
4. Works with 12v-24v DC battery
5. 4 way Fuse Block include 2x30A fuses,2x60A fuses
Input:2 x 0/4GA
Output:4 x 4/8GA
6. 2 IN 4 OUT Battery Distribution:
Input:2 x 0/4GA
Output:4 x 4/8GA
7. Includes two 80Amp fuses to replace for spare.
8. With Red LED,when the fuse is not working,the light will be on.Then you can clearly know if the fuse block is normal.
9. Packaged:
Multi-functional Fuse Block x 1
M6 Hexagon Socket screws x 8
M8 Hexagon Socket screws x 4
Wrench x 2